Water sports at Gammelmark

Our location in the hilly area right by the water is perfect for water sports. We have areas perfect for rigging your surfing gear, pump up your kite or park you dinghy.  We har anchor buoys, boat launching area and a shallow sea, perfect for water sports. We are located Vemming Bund Bay where you have plenty of opportunities to find shore if your arms are getting too long from rowing, surfing or sailing.

Surfing – wind and kitesurfing

Trained surfers have the best possibilities for really good surfing experiences at Gammelmark. We have shallow water for easy starts and the wind conditions usually works out very well for wind- and kitesurfing!

By the beach area there are big grass areas where it is possible to rig your gear without getting sand into your equipment.

The campsite areas “Kong Frederik” and “Dronning Dagmar” is right by the beach and is obvious for our surfing visitors to stay at.

There is an area by “Kong Frederik” where you can wash your suits and equipment.

Fishing- The preferred water sport

The preferred water sport at Gammelmark seem to be fishing.

Gammelmark Strand Camping has a lot of anglers visiting multiple times a year where they catch huge salmon, trout, brill and cod. Since we have a lot of anglers visiting, we have equipped a fish cleaning area so that your catch can get ready for the free to use barbecue in our barbecue areas. If you catch more fish than you can eat, we have a freezer you can borrow.

Our area is obvious for beach fishing, but it is also possible to bring your own boat or dinghy. See the prices for boat launching, trailer parking or buoy rental here.

Remember to buy a fishing licence by the Danish Fisheries Agency before you through out your line. You can do that here.


If you have a boat or a dinghy with you, it is possible to use our boat launching area for a small fee.

We maintain the area the whole season and we have short term trailer parking right next to it.

If the boat needs to stay in the water you can rent a buoy and your trailer can be parked at our trailer parking area.

If you arrive by the campsite by the seaside, you can also anchor up your boat and stay at the campsite. Canoes and kayaks can easily be pulled to shore and the tent area is right by the beach.

Vandsport/Watersport. Kitesurfer i luftenVandsport på Gammelmark. Fisker med stor havørred.