Our outdoor heated swimmingpool is always a blast

An exquisit and popular place when the sun is shining with lots of room for tanning, playing and swimming.

The pool area is shielded from the wind, so there is plenty of space for finding shadow and shelter.
Der er solsenge til solbadning og borde til hygge.

Our swimmingpool is open from june to september. The exact opening date can vary due to weather and wind.

Even though our swimmingpool might seem a little big for the little ones, it is divided into 3 different depths. This means that there is a good chance that the whole family can join you in the swimmingpool. Who knows if it is at Gammelmark Strand Camping that your kids swim for the first time?

Of course kids have to be accompanied by an adult, and the swimming is at your own risk and responsibility. We don’t have a lifeguard, which means that you have to follow the rules and guidelines on the signs in the pool area for everyones safety and pleasure.

The water is mainly heated by the sun and by our solar panels and the temperature is between 22-25 degrees celcius.

Please be aware that access to the pool area comes at an additional cost that will be deducted on your electricity- and access card. See the prices for the pool area here.

Our swimmingpool meets all rules and requirements for public swimmingpools in Denmark. We check and control the cleanliness of the water multiple times a day and make sure that the area around the pool is nice and clean. To help us maintain the high water quality, all users have to shower according to the guidelines displayed by the pool before they enter the pool area.


Due to Covid-19 it is possible that some of the above mentioned can not be offered for a limited time period. This will be displayed by the pool entrance. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact us for further information.
We follow the Danish Health Authorities rules and guidelines at any time in regards to Covid-19.

2 børn i swimmingpool på Gammelmark Strand Camping