Animals and nature

At Gammelmark Strand Camping we love animals!

Through the years we have had everything from cows over horses to canarys.

Today we have goats and rabbits that we like to feed together with the kids visiting us during the summer season.

On the fields around the camping site there is also cows once in a while. They tend to follow people along the paths around Gammelmark, so maybe you are lucky to go for a walk with a cow. You can find a map of the campsite and the paths in the area around here. Or take a look at the popular Gendarme Path here.

We have established hiking paths around the campsite in recent years. These take you over our fields, through the woods and around the hills og Gammelmark. Explore the historical spots along the cliffs, or take a walk in the forest and listen to the woodpeckers, spot the owls or see a deer walking in the woods. There is plenty of nature and wildlife that is waiting to be explored, so maybe your kids will become the best explorers of the summer at Gammelmark!

Dogs are welcome

At Gammelmark Strand Camping we love dogs -we even have an office dog. We do have a tiny set of rules concerning our furry friends though.

  • Please respect that not all guests love dogs as much as we do.
  • Dogs need to be on a leash when on our areas.
  • Whatever your dog leaves behind is for you to pick up and take care of.

If you remember this tiny set of rules, we might have a treat for your dog in the reception. We can’t wait to say hi!

På campingpladsen har vi flere forskellige dyr og dyrearter.