At Gammelmark Strand Camping, we have plenty of opportunities for you wether you bring your tent or enjoy the comfort of a caravan. Wether you want to pay us a short visit on your trip through Europe or spend weeks exploring Southern Denmark. We have the right spot for you!


Beach camping or panoramic view?

Set up camp close to the beach, in the panoramic hills or next to our modern service facilities. We have plenty of opportunities for you and your stay. We have close to 300 spaces divided into different areas named after danish royal highnesses or historical people. More than 80% of our spaces have a beautiful sea view. This gives you a good chance of catching a glimpse of the sea during your stay.

Take a look at the map of our camping site here.

Read about our camping areas by clicking their names in the list below:

Area F

This area is named after King Frederik IX. King of the seas and the father of our Queen. He spent his summers visiting Gråsten Castle with his family and where they often visited Gammelmark. Read more about this here.

A big part of our most preferred tent spaces is located in this area. Here, you can camp as you please. You just have to keep the mandatory 3 meter safety parking distance.

A desired spot for groups who travel together as there is a good chance of camping next to each other.

Area D

If you choose “Queen Dagmar” as your preferred spot you won’t get any closer to the beach. You will be parked with the forest in your back and the sea view right in front of your eyes. Close to our very own walking paths through the forest and the popular “Gendarme Path”.

Area H

Close to our main service building and reception you will find the area called “Holger Danske” named after the legendary knight and protector of Denmark.

The spaces are located on a flat area surrounded by hedges and is the closest we get to a traditional camping site. Most spaces are surrounded by hedges and have a lot of sun and shelter. The sunset is beautiful and clear during the summer over the fields next to this area.

From this area you won’t have a long walk towards our bouncy castle and the 3 playgrounds close to it.

Area G

Gorm the Old is named after one of the first danish kings, and the father of Harald Bluetooth.

Gorm the Old is our smallest area, but also one of the most convenient areas if you aren’t the fastest runner anymore. It is the area closest to our main service building that has a kitchen, laundry room, restrooms, tv-lounge, kiosk and reception. A nicely sheltered area close to 3 of our playgrounds.

Area M

King Frederik IX who we have named one of our areas after had 3 daughters. One of them is now the Queen of Denmark, Queen Margrethe II. This area is named after her.

Margrethe is located on terraces on a big hill and definitely has the best sea view towards Dybbøl Mill and Sønderborg. The spaces in this area are very big and you will have at least 100 square meters of parking space. There is water connection and drains on all of the spaces.

The eastern part of the area is close to our biggest playground, football field and our goat zoo.

Area E

“Eric the Good” was the King of Denmark from year 1095-1103.

Newly established and big comfort spaces.  The spaces are located close to the swimming pool and our biggest playground. Furthermore it is located next to our biggest service facility. Here you can access our big common kitchen with barbecue area.

The spaces on “Erik Ejegod” are our biggest with most spaces being bigger than 150 square meters. Every unit has their own direct access to water, power and a drain.

Dogs are welcome

At Gammelmark Strand Camping we love dogs -we even have an office dog. We do have a tiny set of rules concerning our furry friends though.

  • Please respect that not all guests love dogs as much as we do.
  • Dogs need to be on a leash when on our areas.
  • Whatever your dog leaves behind is for you to pick up and take care of.

If you remember this tiny set of rules, we might have a treat for your dog in the reception. We can’t wait to say hi!


You can purchase pay by use power connection for all of our spaces.

When you check in, you will receive a card that you put credits on for electricity. This is the same card that is used for the entrance gates, the family rest rooms, the swimming pool and the laundry machines. Read more about our service facilities here, and the swimming pool here.

If your power plug needs an adapter to work with our power connection, you can rent one in our reception upon arrival. Our power connections require a CEE plug.

Free Wi-Fi

At Gammelmark, you can stay close to the ones at home while on vacation with our free Wi-Fi. You will receive a Wi-Fi code upon check-in and from there on, you have unlimited access.

Unfortunately we can’t promise you high speed connection during weeks where we are fully booked.

Udsigten fra hytte 3 på Gammelmark Strand Camping

Aerial photo and overview over the 6 different camping areas at Gammelmark Strand Camping

Camping prices


Camping priserLavsæsonMellemsæsonHøjsæson
Pladsgebyr, pr. enhed + 1 bil, pr. nat
Frederik, Gorm Den Gamle, Holger Danske50,00 kr.65,00 kr.100,00 kr.
Margrethe50,00 kr.80,00 kr.120,00 kr.
Dagmar, Erik Ejegod50,00 kr.90,00 kr.145,00 kr.
Quickstop AC kl.19:00-11:00, 2 pers120,00 kr.160,00 kr.160,00 kr.
Overnatning, pr. nat, pr. person
Voksen90,00 kr.90,00 kr.90,00 kr.
Seniorer (60+)80,00 kr.80,00 kr.90,00 kr.
Barn (1 - 11 år)55,00 kr.55,00 kr.55,00 kr.
Hund10,00 kr.10,00 kr.10,00 kr.
Dagsgæster25,00 kr.25,00 kr.25,00 kr.
Elforbrug / KWh4,00 kr.4,00 kr.4,00 kr.
Leje af el-adaptor pr. dag20,00 kr.20,00 kr.20,00 kr.
Priseksempler For 1 nat, 2 voksne + 2 børn, 1 pladsgebyr og 1 bil
2 voksne180,00 kr.180,00 kr.180,00 kr.
2 børn110,00 kr.110,00 kr.110,00 kr.
290,00 kr.290,00 kr.290,00 kr.
Pladsområde Dagmar eller Erik Ejegod50,00 kr.90,00 kr.145,00 kr.
I alt 2 voksne 2 børn incl. bad, internet 340,00 kr.380,00 kr.435,00 kr.
Pladsområde Gorm Den gamle, Holger Danske eller Frederik50,00 kr.65,00 kr.100,00 kr.
I alt 2 voksne 2 børn incl. bad, internet340,00 kr.355,00 kr.390,00 kr.
Pladsområde Margrethe50,00 kr.80,00 kr.120,00 kr.
I alt 2 voksne 2 børn incl. bad, internet340,00 kr.370,00 kr.410,00 kr.